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GTK1 for Windows

GTK1Win is a project to maintain and extend the GTK1 GUI API on Windows. GTK1 for Windows was originally developed by Tor Lillqvist for GIMP for Windows. Because GIMP has switched to GTK2, Tor is now working on GTK2. Because CinePaint continues to use GTK1 we have taken over support of GTK1 for Windows. We are also creating GTK+OSX, the Mac port of GTK1. GTK1 for Linux and GTK2 are led by Owen Taylor of Owen would prefer everyone go to GTK2, but some projects prefer not to.

GTK1 is faster than GTK2. To what degree is a matter of contention, but some projects say it takes at least a 1ghz CPU for GTK2. On the other hand, GTK2 uses Pango, which gains it much better font-handling capabilities. The GTK project recommends GTK2, that everyone stop using GTK1. Although we've chosen not to follow their advice in this case, Owen and Tor have been supportive. We make no claims what toolkit developers should use, whether GTK1, GTK2, Qt, WxWindows, FLTK, or eventually a new C++ GUI API called OnGui that we are developing.

Current versions of GTK1:

We hope to create a unified codebase in 2004. All these projects are currently separate.

GTK for Windows 1.3 has serious issues. Windows resources are deleted while selected into a device context. That will hang programs. That and other code errors generate over five thousand faults when loading CinePaint for Windows.

GTK for Windows 1.4 is a pre-release version for development. It does not yet fix the problems. The big change in 1.4 is that it is an easy to build and debug Microsoft Visaul C++ project, rather than using Linux-style make and Cygwin. GTK1Win 1.4 does not require Cygwin.

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Created November 14, 2003; updated November 14, 2003